Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Neglected Duties

Not surprisingly, when one has to unexpectedly care for a loved one with a spinal cord injury, one makes all sorts of trade-offs to free up more time.

Today, I started to try to untangle some of the messes that had piled up in our lives since Robb's accident.

...Like my ninety-five dollar library fines. I read those words and marvel. I'm not actually a huge Library Criminal, I thought that I could pay this bill the next time I went to the library, but this bill was turned over to a collection agency. Wow...Times have changed.

...Or finally getting around to calling the mobile phone company to find out why our bills were so gigantic over the last few months. It turns out that on the plan we had (note the past tense), only I had unlimited in-network calling. Robb only had unlimited calls to me. All the calls he made from the hospital, well...

...Or this:

No certain what you're looking at? How about another view?

Yeah. Potatoes. That's pretty bad. If it is any excuse, we had been storing our potatoes out on the fire escape, in the old milkman lockers. Guess that's not a sufficiently chilly location.

I have, given the right mood, the ability to laugh at just about anything. Anything that doesn't involve people being unkind to one another, or anything life-threatening.

In any case, the potatoes are funny to me, because they remind me of a former boss of Robb's. This person was such a disaster that they paid their cleaning woman to muck out their office. No, not a home office -- an office at a university. This person left a potato in their desk drawer for so long that it not only sprouted, but grew leaves. When this person went out of the country on business, Robb discovered the potato, but didn't toss it out. He re-arranged it for maximum photosynsthesis.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of potatoes:

A man went into a department store and asked an assistant, "Do you sell potato clocks?"
"Potato clocks, sir? I'm not sure what you mean," replied the assistant.
"Well," came the explanation, "I'm always being late for work, and my boss said I would get there before nine if I got a potato clock ...."
(Say it out loud - you'll get it!)

Love to you both!

Lisa and Robb said...

This took me longer than it should have to figure out.


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