Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Hour is Part of Recovery, Right?

I have not lived in the Bay Area long enough to be able to tell when one season ends, and another begins in any definitive way. But today I saw one of my Sure Signs of Spring.

A squirrel was running along the street with an orange in his mouth. Maybe squirrels have to subsist on acorns in other parts of the country, but out here they pick fresh fruit off the trees. This sight never fails to delight me.

Robb had an easy schedule today, so we met friends for drinks when I got off of work. Observant readers will notice Robb's cane, suspended from the vines on his left.

Robb had a faux beer, and then Tyler gnawed on the bottle. He's teething.

I've got embarassing pictures of our adult friends too, but politeness dictates that I not post them on the web.

When we got home, I noticed I had missed a call from one of our letterboxing pals, Lea. She and her daughter were out looking for the letterbox we had hidden at the Wave Organ last weekend.

One other very nice thing that happened today was that we got a notice of our friend Dave's master of fine arts thesis exhibition. Congratulations!!!


Derek said...

I never drink beer without thinking of you, Robb.


Gina said...

Me, too! Especially a good Belgian Ale. . .


Lisa and Robb said...

Same here, Derek.

The other day I saw the word Marzen and did a double take looking for the DeGroen's. It brought me right back to those nights at the Yacht Club. I miss those nights and I miss you.

Hopefully this summer I'll be able to travel and we can find a seat at our regular table.



Anonymous said...

Is the Lea you refer to "Princess Lea"?

She is who I mail to in one of the letterbox rings!


Lisa and Robb said...

It sure is Princess Lea! She's quite a letterboxing superhero. Everyone races out to beat her to be the first finder on new letterboxes.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I didn't know you knew her!! She must be amazing -- she seems to be everywhere. I think she even just went letterboxing in England - I think even in Dartmoor -- where it all started!

Then lo and behold, I saw that she planted a letterbox right here in St. Louis where I live! I was like, what on earth is she doing here??!! I found her posting totally by accident the morning right after she posted, and tried to see if we could meet up, but it did not work out. But I was the first to actually find her letterbox!

-- fPf


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