Thursday, April 06, 2006


We are thrilled that Robb's sister Barbara and his niece Jennie will be visiting us! They arrive Saturday night.

As I have a big work day on Monday, they'll have the exciting task of taking Robb to a doctor's appointment. Lucky them! If the weather holds out, and Robb has the energy, perhaps they'll be able to drive to the top of Mount Diablo. Given all the rain we've been having, the spring wildflowers may be lovely.

(Or it may just be a huge muddy mess.)

Here are some photos that I took almost exactly one year ago on a hike we took with Kara on Mount Diablo.



Baby Blue Eyes

I'm not sure what this flower is. I didn't pick it -- I'm just holding it.

It turns out that this plant is called Western Hounds Tongue. Great name!


For the record, I do actually take photos of people on hikes. Most of my hiking portraits are uninteresting pictures of the backsides of my friends, because I'm always lagging behind in the back of the group, photographing flowers. In any case, flowers don't complain about getting their picture taking while they are squinting.

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