Thursday, April 06, 2006


Thursday was a busy day for Robb. He had a session of occupational therapy in the morning, and then in the afternoon, he had a house full of therapists.

Doreen, Robb's physical therapist in on the left in the blue shirt. Marcella is behind Robb's shoulder. And in the black shirt is Cindy. She came over because she is working on a new therapeutic device that helps people balance. It has been quite effective with her therapy patients with multiple sclerosis, and she wanted to try it out on a patient with a spinal cord injury. In this photo, they are fitting the therapeutic vest on Robb.

Of course, the cats were keen to get in on the action. Mister Firdusi is paying close attention the the proceedings.

And, much more excitingly, today was the first time Robb has walked without any type of assistive devices. No walker. No cane. No braces on his ankles. Doreen is watching all of this with great care. For the moment, this was just a test, to see how the balance device worked. Robb's ankle strength doesn't allow for unsupported walking right now.

Doreen is "guarding" Robb from losing his balance. This is the same technique we use when we walk up or down the stairs.

Visiting Berkeley Rep

I had some paint notes to do over the dinner break of The Glass Menagerie, and since it was the night of the tech dinner, I brought Robb to the theater with me. He got to socialize while I attended to my paint tasks. It was very nice for Robb to see everyone.

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Derek said...

That looks fetching! The blue matches Robb's eyes!

It's great to see thse pics. You're doing a great job... both of you!


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