Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Robb woke up this morning with the feeling that his balance was better. I don't understand this, and neither do Robb or his therapist, but his balance actually is better.

I asked him, just now what he wanted to say on the subject of his balance therapy, and his reply was, "well, it is a good thing that we do it indoors, because it kind of looks like a sobriety checkpoint." Then he paused, and added, " and in my current state, it looks like a sobriety test that I am failing."

Robb works on balance exercises next to piece of furniture, so that if he were to start to tip over, something would stop his fall. Today, he was doing squats next to the dining room table, and Linguine was on the table, rubbing her face against him every time he came within range. Robb's balance was vastly improved, and he only lost it the time that Linguine came at his face with her tongue hanging out. Got to watch out for that tongue!

For the first time, Doreen allowed Robb to do exercises in the middle of the living room. She was really impressed (and perhaps a bit perplexed) by Robb's progress.

Tomorrow we are going out with BORP, the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program. They sponsor "adventure, fitness and recreation for people with disabilities." We're not going on a very big adventure, rather we're going tide-pooling with a docent in Alameda. Sounds like fun!


Anonymous said...

Dont forget to bring some GORP to the BORP event!

I hope you guys have a fantastic time and the weather is lovely. Can't wait to see the posted pictures!

Anonymous said...


Well, Otto was sitting infront of the computer when I played the wave organ.

It got him curious First he jolted upright and faced the screen. He listened intently until it was over. Now he's dozing off again.



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