Sunday, April 16, 2006

At The Wave Organ

Robb and I took advantage of a break in the rain to go for a stroll at the Wave Organ. This is currently our favorite off-beat spot in San Francisco. (Actually, I feel pretty cool claiming to have any such thing. I still consider myself a Bay Area newcomer.)

The Wave Organ is an odd art installation at the end of the San Francisco Yacht Harbor. Apparently, back in 1939, the city moved the occupants of the Laurel Hill Cemetery, and the architectural odds from the cemetery ends were used to create this jetty (I recall that Robb, Ellen and I puzzled over this as we sailed by on a whale watching tour.)

In 1986, artists from the Exploratorium added the element of sound, in the form of "listening tubes," and if you visit the Wave Organ at high tide, you can hear all manner of sounds created by the water currents.

Walking was a bit of a challenge. The path, while generally flat, was quite lumpy and there were plenty of mud puddles to negotiate. It was also quite windy. I think Robb did really well for guy whose feet are nearly paralyzed, and who has a lot of trouble with his balance. We took it slowly, which was actually quite delightful.

The waves were crashing on the rocky sides of the jetty. (Except when I was trying to take a photo!) That's Alcatraz Island in the background.

One nice thing, from Robb's point of view is that he can walk at his slower pace, and not have to wait around while I take my obligatory hiking photos.

I can't help myself. I'm either going to photograph wildflowers or rock formations. I'm physically incapable on not taking at least one photo of rocks with holes in them.

If not that, then images of decaying architecture.

The purpose of this outing, other than relieving Cabin Fever was planting another letterbox. What I like so much about this whole letterboxing thing is the opportunity to bring people (most of them total strangers) to your favorite places, and reward them for their visit with a tiny, original work of art

I'm hoping that this outing wasn't too strenuous for Robb. We had a very nice time, and only were rained on a little bit. It is so difficult to figure out how much is "too much." And difficult for us, who were so keen on tromping around outside in all our free time, to re-adjust to our new slower pace.

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