Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Weekend

Robb's niece Jenny took this photo after Robb's doctor's visit yesterday. More on that in a later posting. For now, we'll say that Robb really likes this doctor, and that he feels he has a much better understanding of his condition. Also, he feels very hopeful.

On Sunday, Barbara, Jenny, Robb and I went into San Francisco. We had considered a boat tour, but the weather was so uneven. Instead, we went to the Ferry Terminal for lunch.

Following that, we went down to Pier 39 to visit the California sea lions. They were being obligingly amusing (both adorable and rowdy and despite the drizzle, we enjoyed gawking at them.

When we lived in Baltimore, I always loved going down the the National Aquarium to watch the seals and sea lions swim around, but this is so much better, as they are not captive, but rather are going about their lives, seemingly oblivious to all the urban bustle around them.

This was a good outing for Robb. Mostly flat terrain, plenty of places to sit down, and the delightful company of his family.

As the rain showed no sign of abating, we continued on to Crissy Field, where we enjoyed views of the San Francisco Bay while eating soup and drinking warm drinks.

The women-folk went for a stroll on the beach, and Robb took the opportunity to stretch out in the car. I feel guilty about abandoning him like this, but he assures me that he really appreciates the chance to lay down and rest.

Jenny did the manditory East-Coaster-Touches-The-Ocean thing, and we watched a group of people inflate a gigantic kite that we were told they were going to fly behind their catamaran. I'm always amazed at the variety of variations on kite-flying and boating that we see around here. This one was new to me. Just look at the size of that orange kite!


DavidBDesign said...

I have been woefully behind on blog-reading but just sat and got totally caught up...this all continues to sound good! I have been in that "oh so familiar Action Theater days" kind of mode...working round the clock with tiny resources and. Cindy and I just opened a modern adaptation of The Snow Queen at a little off-off-Broadway theatre with a company called Present Tense. I did costumes and scenery ($500 set budget and $500 for about 30 costumes!! sigh) Unfortunately, the show is pretty terrible and I can't really invite anyone to see it. Just not a good script and a very inexperienced cast. Tim's one thought after seeing it was, "it's not your fault. All of the balloons in the world couldn't raise the Titanic once it was sinking." Robb's recovery continues to ring so many familiar bells. I had moments after coming home from the hospital, when my arm was still clenched and not working at all and my torso was entirely stiff...sitting on my kitchen floor crying because I had just broken another dish and made a huge mess trying to simply make a meal by myself. It sucks but clearly things are rapidly looking up and you guys have the blessing of being together. Thinking about you and hoping to continue getting good news! Love you guys, dave

knitica said...

Robb, you look so dashing in the breeze with your cane. Maybe you should keep it as a sort of charming affectation. I'm glad another eastcoaster touched the pacific ocean. Did it touch her back?

terri said...

Looks like a great day -- but I am disappointed there was no chocolate involved. Keep that in mind for when I eventually visit . . . nature is great, chocolate is better!


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