Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Robb had a day without therapy sessions, so we took the opportunity to leave the house. I needed to stop by Berkeley Rep, and Robb came along for the ride. Because Robb was tired, he stayed in the car, and had curb-side visits. At the scene shop, we chatted with Kim (who is covering for me while I take care of Robb), Stephanie, Andrew and ET.

At the theater, we saw Madelyn, Amanda, Ryan, Bryce, Zoltan, and Robin.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons we stopped by the theater was to cancel our tickets to the opening night of Zorro in Hell. Robb is doing very well with his recovery, but doesn't have a long enough sitting tolerance to make it through a two-act play.

After this stop, we took a very short, but nice, walk at Berkeley's Aquatic Park. The birds were out in force. We saw Snowy Egrets, Ruddy Ducks, Buffleheads, Pied Billed Grebes, among others. We also "planted" a letterbox, which is an odd activity that Robb and I participate in. Essentially, it is hiding art for total strangers to come find.

After the short stroll in the park, we went on some shopping errands. Robb came into the sports store so we could buy some thera-bands for him to exercise with, but on the rest of the stops, he stayed in the car. Thank to Robb's parents for the Trader Joe's gift card!!!

As we were pulling into our garage, we bumped into our neighbors Dominique and Maggie, and had a nice chat with them.

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Anonymous said...


It was so nice to check-in with the blog and see your post. Please know that things are just not the same around here without you and Lisa. Hopefully, you guys can make it to the next opening.



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