Tuesday, March 14, 2006

. . .

I just now noticed that I have been alternately writing about Robb's spinal CHORD and his spinal CORD.

I do know the difference between these two words.

I still haven't been able to figure out how to use the spell check on this blog.

Robb may have to slow down a bit. Prior to coming home, he was eating three meals a day in bed. We now eat our meals in the dining room, and Robb has been spending a fair amount of time out of bed. This may have been hasty, and perhaps we should take a step back and not go so quickly.

I have been giving a good deal of thought to something Robb's physical therapist said would be one of their goals. She said that she wanted to make sure he could get up off the floor. Now, Robb hasn't fallen (not since the accident, anyway), but because he still cannot feel the bottoms of his feet, his balance is not what it should be. So falling is a real risk.

And we're such fragile creatures.

Fragile, and resilient. That's how I think of the human body.

The thought of leaving Robb alone and having him lose his balance and not be able to get up off the floor is not a pleasant one for me. So, I'm pleased that avoiding this is an active goal for Robb and his therapist.

But let's not end today's entry on such a dire thought.

Instead, Niobe will make us smile. Here she is on our old mattress.

Which reminded Kim of this painting.


Kim said...

beautiful photos perfectly framed

would make an amazing trompe l'oeil

(just had to look this famous one up,


Kim said...

my link went past the frame, try


Lisa and Robb said...

Oh, very nice! I've seen another (?) Peale painting just like that in Baltimore. Or perhaps that painting was sold to Philadelphia when Baltimore's City Life Museums had such financial troubles.

I'm going to post this picture, too!

Kim said...


when you see them together, the same lightsource.

love the soft light going down the hall revealing Niobe


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