Saturday, February 25, 2006

Who Reads this Blog?

From the vantage point of his hospital room, Robb has been wondering who is reading this blog. I can't answer that question. (Heck, I'm curious, too!)

I've made it easier to add comments to the blog. So, perhaps people could drop a quick note, and let us know that you're out there.


Martha said...

Reading your blog is part of my morning. Unless I'm out of town, I read it religiously. I know our parents and Neil's parents read it without fail also.

It's been amazing to see Robb's recovery, the support of your friends and family, the amazing rehab facilities, etc. etc. etc.

You both are inspiring. It makes us feel closer to be able to read the blog. I really appreciate the effort you've put into it!


Isabel Letsch said...

I'm reading! Every chance I get, I click on the "How's Robb" link pasted on the toolbar in internet explorer. So, as you might imagine, I click it quite often. :)


Kim said...

Hi Robb and Lisa,

We are thrilled that you are doing so well, and check for new posts every few days.

About the jolt through your leg from the acupuncture needle, (and this is just intuitive on my part) thats wonderful that the nerves are connected and humming.

best wishes,

Kim and Rai

Gina said...

The blog is the first thing I check after I start the coffee maker in the morning. You guys even trump "Morning Edition", which is a remarkable feat, given my NPR addiction. What is more remarkable is the blog itself, your dedication to it and each other, and your story - you continue to be an inspiration to me and I feel lucky to call you my friends.

Gothknits said...

I check it everyday. You are actually the first blog on my list. I update Aaron and my family as to how you are. Even Isis and Loki are very proud of you.

Miss you both like crazy. You both never cease to amaze me.

love and blessings

Paula b

Anonymous said...

I'm reading! I know I haven't seen you guys in years, but I think of you often. Vanessa O. directed me here as soon as she heard about the accident. And just to let you know, I have gotten years of mileage out of the "hair bleaching in a monstery shower with an empty French's mustard bottle" story. I mean, really, who has a story like that? Thanks Robb!
All my best!
Allison L (now F)

Anonymous said...

OK, I meant monastery. But monstery is even better. It makes me think of a religious order of Muppets.

Derek said...

Like Isabel, I check it first thing in the morning. Lisa, thanks for inventing this! The internet! Who knew?

Tom Cole said...

Hey Guys,

It's wonderful to hear of Robb's progress. Kinda difficult and scary for me to think about you guys too much as every other day I'm up a ladder or lift doing things that aren't the safest things to be doing (and then teaching others to be comfortable of the height). But when I'm able to go there, it's nice to know there's a place where I can keep track of his recovery.

Keep up the good work and know my thoughts are with you (when my thoughts can be).


Tom Cole

Bobbie said...

As soon as my coffee is made, I turn on my computer and read your blog. Judging from the comments so far, I'm not the only one for whom your blog is a morning ritual. Thanks for the effort you've made, Lisa, to keep everyone up to date on Robb's progress. It helps me connect to what's happening in both your lives.

Robb and Lisa, you're amazing in how you've handled things.Together, with the support of your friends and the PTs, you've got the strongest recovery team anyone could wish for.

With love and best wishes!

Sten S said...

Every time I read this Blog I'm really tempted to start a new religion. I mean really, if L. Ron Hubbard could do it based on his crappy-ass books then this is a treasure trove. I expect to have dozens of crazy celebrity adherents within hours. Just think about it: The 44 steps to enlightenment, The serene walk on heavenly clouds... I'm going to start my shrine to Linguine without delay.

Full of smiles and really, really bad ideas,


mimosa said...

mimosa - i like being informed b/c people ask me all the time how you're doing...


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