Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, I packed a picnic, got Linguine's nails cut, and gave her a bath, and we went to see Robb. Robb's parents had spent most of the day with him, and Paul (in SF) also stopped by. I also tried to catch up on other Life Issues, but that's not nearly as charming as a Kitty Visit. Our friends sent an huge number of Valentine's cards, which was so very sweet.

Linguine is the perfect Hospital Cat. She settled down on the bed, and cuddled for the whole visit.

The accident was two weeks ago, and one week ago, Robb was transferred to the California Pacific Medical Center's rehabilitation facility.

Today was the first day that Robb noticed that his medications were completely covering his pain. He takes some long-acting pain killers and muscle relaxants, but did not ask for any of his "as needed" medications for the breakthrough (or acute/intense) pain.
Robb had the staples removed from his back. He said that it hurt that having your hair yanked out, times ten. There must have been about forty staples, but I didn't get a count, because I had a particularly uncoordinated moment, and dumped the bulk of them into my purse. Yuck.

Now that the staples are out of Robb's back, he should be able to have a proper shower soon. He'll be a lot happier about bathing than Linguine was.

The orthotics team visited today and gave Robb some ankle braces to keep his feet from buckling under when he walks. Robb says that he feels very confident wearing these braces. They are relatively small, and are worn inside his shoes.

I bought Robb some non-alcoholic champagne at Trader Joe's (and even got asked for id), but we didn't get around to drinking it. Soon enough!


Derek said...
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Derek said...

Thanks fro the photos, Lisa. Robb looks sooooo... Robb! He looks great. It's good to see him. Please tell him I said "hello."



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