Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today Robb had an abreviated schedule of therapy, which is probably a good, since he broke his own record for number of visitors. I came in late, and missed many of you. Sorry!

Today he was visited by:

His parents. His mom went to Mass at St. Mary's prior to visiting.

Paul, who brought kumquats and dates.

Amanda and Ryan, who may have gotten a bit lost on the way out of the building, but got to see Robb walking with the walker.

Dominique, who brought beautiful oranges.

Kara, who brought vegetarian Thai dinner.

Thank you, everyone! Your visits are such a delight!

In an attempt to pretend that I have something like a normal life, I spent a few hours at the Pacific Orchid Expo. This really brightened my spirits. Apparently, nothing cheers me up like crazy exotic looking blooms. And speaking of which, everyone on staff comments on the beauty of the plants in Robb's room. Thank you!

(This is a goofy picture of the two of us at the 2003 Pacific Orchid Expo.)

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