Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Stated Goal

Up to this point, Robb and I have been very careful not to look too far into the future. We understand how slowly spinal injuries heal, and are willing to embrace and be thankful for every tiny improvement, without becoming greedy for more.

Robb and I live in an apartment that we just love. It is large and sunny, was built in the 1920's, and looks like a fake Tudor castle. Unfortunately, we live up several flights of stairs. I have been mentally preparing to be told that while Robb was in the rehabilitation clinic, I would have to pack up all our stuff, find a new apartment, and move everything.

Today was a day for Robb to meet with all the doctors and specialists, and have them start formulating a plan for his care. One of the doctors asked a long series of questions about our living situation and then stated that Robb would just have to be ready to walk up those stairs when he left rehab.

For whatever reason, I haven't cried since the accident, but every time I think of this, my eyes get all swimmy.


Derek said...

Me, too

Gina said...

Go, Robb, go!!!
Go, Robb, go!!!

(I sniffled a bit, too)

wakeupandsmellthelight said...

Swimmy eyes over here. Great news from what sounds like an amazing Doc.

Kim said...

Me, as well


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