Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Plan for Robb

Robb's medical team had their weekly assessment meeting ("rounds") and the current plan is to send him home on March Second.

I'm not sure if I should be shouting "Yippee!!!!!" or "Yiiiiiiiiiikes!!!!!"

Robb is being sent home, because of his amazing progress, not because our insurance is running out. No worries on that front!

The plan will be for me to spend twenty four hours at California Pacific Medical Center, so they can watch me and Robb, and see how independently he and I can manage his care. In addition to this, the therapists, Robb and I will visit our apartment, and do a walk-through to come up with suggestions and strategies about moving around at home.

Robb will have therapists coming to the house, to continue his recovery. He will also need to continue to work on his own and get lots of rest.

When Robb comes home from CPMC, I'll take time off from work to care for him. Thankfully, Berkeley Rep has been amazingly understanding about our needs. We couldn't do this without your support. Thank you, everyone!

I should also mention that Erica has been staying with me, keeping my spirits up, and helping me get things in order. Little did she suspect that her vacation would be spent in a rehab facility. Here they are, eating pie at the Springfield Center Fourth of July celebration.

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