Monday, February 06, 2006

Movin' On Up!

It was a day of meetings and phone calls and more meetings and more phone calls. And visits to possible rehabilitation facilities. As a girl who has only ever owned used cars, I feel like I'm suddenly shopping for the space shuttle. Thankfully, my Workman's Comp case worker has offered a lot of guidance, including a list of questions to ask when touring an accute rehab facility. (When I'm not bone-tired, I may discuss some of the thinking behind these questions.)

After much thought, Robb and I decided to go with the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. They have a treatment facility that specializes in brain and spine injuries (Robb's brain is fine), so that every person working in the facility is a spinal specialist. At the moment, there are only sixteen other patients, and they will never accept more than twenty eight. So, Robb will get very personal care. There is a huge physical therapy "gym" on site, with loads of equipment, and even a small pool. There is a therapy kitchen, and a fake store, so that patients can learn to cook and shop while recovering. They offer physical therapy for a minimum of three hours a day, seven days a week.

California Pacific Medical Center is, apparently one of the ten best hospitals in America, and one of the top five centers for spinal injuries. This rating is based on patient recovery, patient satisfaction and acceditation.

The plan is to transfer him to this new facility some time early tomorrow.

Thank you to the Costume Shop at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. The tshirts you sent fit perfectly. I think Robb is overjoyed to not be wearing a hospital gown anymore.

Thank to Julia and Christine for the lunch, and PIE!!!

Thank you Jim for the yummy dinner, and for helping me haul all the flowers and gifts out to the car.

Wil, thank you for driving me to the hospital in the city. I would have gotten lost, and been all stressed out.

Robb will now have something more in common with his Uncle Bill. They will have both had a big recuperation in San Francisco!

And thank you to the behind-the-scenes friend who helped me get my car off the loading dock.

How was Robb's Day?

Today was rough. Robb is still learning the ins and outs of pain management. However, he had another productive (although tough) session with the physical therapist, Deborah. If this woman were president, we would have world peace. She's a marvel.

Odds and Ends

This morning, I got to the hospital bright and early to meet with everyone about Robb's transfer. Although I had brought a huge box of cookies the night before, the security staff stopped me for the first time ever and hassled me about visiting hours. Eleven am until eight pm? HAH! I scoff at those paltry hours!

The guards at the parking garage were feeding a beautiful pair of feral tabby cats when I returned from San Francisco. It made me smile to see a security guard shaking Meow Mix out for these two little kitties.

Spring Seems to have Arrived

Winter in the Bay Area is pretty subtle. Lots of rain, but no really bitter cold. Some time this weekend, daffodils started to bloom. The redbud tree across from my apartment building is in bloom. This is my favorite flowing tree in all the world.


Bobbie said...

Your blog is wonderful! It's almost like being there without the hassle for you of extra visiters. You're a great team! Hang in there, Robb and don't be afraid to take pain medication when you need it. Hugs, Bobbie/Mom

ZeitgeistMama said...

Oooh...CPMC is supposed to be great for many things, I'm glad it sounds good for rehab. And that's a GREAT neighborhood too, for field trips out and about, when that time comes! and loads of good takeout in that area too. We love Chow - I assume it's still there, right? It's been *gasp* 2.5 years since we've been living in SF!

Anna and the kids said...

Hooray for the transfer-- though you must be so, so tired. I'm amazed at how fast your progress is Robb!! You are a superman!
CPMC is a wonderful facility-- We've enlarged our family there (time three!!) and left an appendix behind as well.

Got such a kick out of the "butter" comments in the past couple days-- I think of that Linda Richman character on SNL-- "You're like butter!"

Keep on keepin' on--

Paul in SF said...

Chow is still in the neighborhood (on Church St., near Market). I eat there quite often, sitting at the bar.
I've spent almost 2 weeks at CPMC/Davies, both times in serious condition: when both of my lungs collapsed, and when I caught "the worst case of pneumonia they've ever seen" while returning from Greece.
There is one rather nasty nurse there who I starting calling "The Dragon Lady". She yelled at me every morning, usually for some mistaken reason (she didn't like my looks).

Paul in SF


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