Friday, February 24, 2006

How are We?

Robb had his first "community outing" yesterday. He and his occupational therapist took a cab to the Rainbow Co-op, and went grocery shopping. Robb had to figure how to negotiate getting in and out of a car, and how to shop using a walker. We continue to have glorious weather in San Francisco, so this was a great trip for Robb. I think he has been feeling a bit cooped up.

I have a cold. I'm not really surprised.

Warning! Personal Information Alert!

Robb's ninety-year-old urologist almost brought him to tears (in a good way) when he told Robb how proud he was of all his progress, and then told Robb that he would be okay and that he loved him.

If you have a burning need to know about the particulars of the progress, you can always call me. I'm sure I have nothing I would like to do more than discuss Robb's urology situation. Suffice it to say that Robb is operating independently, once again.


Gina said...

"Go Robb, go!! Go Robb, go!!"


Love you both,


ZeitgeistMama said...


if you're gonna share personal information, a blog is DEFINITELY the way to do it! (grin)

davidpease said...

hi lisa, i'll follow if i have successfully logged on to this blog site.
best wishs in all.
david pease

davidpease said...

happy to read of progress and stunned on my casual lookeeloo to discover whats happened. baltimore arts happening prodded my search for your where abouts/up to's. on a lighter note my disappiontment at robb's lack of lead penetrating x-ray vision is not accute. i have admired robb's runway model gait (like his therepist)for decades and live in hope thats it's shadow will one day color my door in LA.
pictures of the two of you together (unseen by me for a long ass time) are absolutely distracting; your care, empathy, and love for each other startle me like a peacefull, shuddering sigh at dawn over westport's clew bay.
lots of love.
david pease


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