Sunday, February 19, 2006


This was a day of many doctors' visits. Without straying into the realm of "too much information," let us say that there are parts of Robb that are on the mend, beyond his feet and legs.

Robb worked with Joy, on physical therapy. They worked on walking, walking up and down stairs and balance.

Robb did occupational therapy with Charlotte. Occupational therapy has a very misleading name, and really deals with figuring out how to use Robb's current abilities to negotiate day-to-day life. They worked in the kitchen on reaching and problem-solving. Robb, being Robb, didn't solve the problems (how to get the knives in the box that was out of his reach) the way Charlotte expected. But she thought his methods for using the "grabber" and physics were really ingenious.

Robb's parents spent time with Robb, and told us about their exporations in San Francisco. Wil and Rich stopped by. Robb and I stayed up way too late, talking.

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