Monday, February 27, 2006

Are We There, Yet?

Right after the accident, Robb seemed to be hitting milestones in his recovery every single day. I think that this initial sprinting has slowed down, and he is moving along at more of a long-distance pace.

Instead of seeing improvements in his condition every single day, he sees notable change about every fourth day, now. We have a long, long road ahead of us.

The plan is still for Robb to come home on Thursday. I have to confirm all of this, but I understand that we will be having a home walk-through with his therapy team to make certain that there are no major hazards to Robb's safety, and to advise me on changes we can make. Also, this week will be a day where I spend twenty-four hours at the hospital. Robb and I will make an attempt at doing everything ourselves, with the hospital staff observing, and making suggestions. This will help get us ready for the daunting task of Taking Care of Ourselves.

Robb is taking less pain medication these days. He seems to need less, and enjoys feeling more clear-headed. He is still on all sorts of "spinal restrictions" in terms of the movements he is permitted to do. Additionally, there are simply a lot of things he still isn't capable of doing.

As an example, Robb is not permitted to lift more than five pounds of weight, and if he holds this weight away from his body, he must lift less than that amount. Lifting any weight puts strain on his back muscles, which are still very fragile from his surgery.

Today, I will have a lot to discuss with our case workers, regarding preparing for Robb's return home.

I find that I'm very nervous about my abilities as Robb's care-taker. Of course, Robb will have in-home therapy, and we will have access to the staff at CPMC, but I've never had a job like this before, and there are so many unknown factors to consider.

Wish us luck!

And come visit us, once we get settled!


Heather Bradley said...

Hi guys!

I just wanted to let you know that my good friend is a very good acupuncturist. She's a cool gal who would be able to work on Robb for not much money.
You may be covered in this department, but I just wanted to let you know.

Take Care,

Laura Hackman said...

Robb and Lisa,

I read the blog almost daily and think of you both so often. I bought a card to send the day after the accident and think it ended up being scribbled on by the boys (did you know that we have two now?!) and therefor never sent. Schleif and I send all our best and happiest thoughts to you both.


terri said...
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ZeitgeistMama said...

oh if only we could come visit you! perhaps you'd like a visit to rochester instead? argh.

thinking of you both - know that you can both handle whatever comes your way - you've definitely proven that!!!!


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