Pacific Orchid Expo, part one.


On Thursday, I volunteered at the opening gala of the Pacific Orchid Expo.  In exchange for a few hours of very pleasant work, I got weekend passes to the event.  I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon with Allie and her sister, gawking at the splendid collection of orchids.

I'm going to share my (not very good) photos later.

Because I never remember this sort of thing unless I write it down, here's what I brought home.  My goal was to buy tough reasonably priced plants that would thrive outdoors.

From Hanging Gardens, in San Francisco/Pacifica.
Oerstedella centradenia -- delicate foliage, clusters of small pale lavender flowers -- PARTIAL SUN
Reed-Stem Epidendrum radicans "big red" -- fleshy foliage on red stems, red flowers -- SUN
Coelogyne cristata -- fleshy pseudobulbs, straplike foliage, cascading white flowers -- BRIGHT SHADE

From the members of the San Francisco Orchid Society
Masdevalia "Ken Dole" (Masd. coccinea X Masd. tonduzii) -- white flowers with yellow tips -- SUN IN WINTER, BRIGHT SHADE OTHERWISE
Masdevallia "Machu Picchu" (M. ayabacana x M. coccinea) -- magenta flowers -- SUN IN WINTER, BRIGHT SHADE OTHERWISE
Dendrobium "Kuniko" (Dendrobium goldschmidtianum x victoriae-reginae) -- clusters of small lavender flowers

From Golden Gate Orchids, in San Francisco
Pleurothallis truncata -- "leaf shaped" leaves atop slim stems, tiny yellow flowers growing down the center of said leaves -- INDIRECT LIGHT
Pleurothallis restrepioides -- long oval leaves on slim stems, sprays of speckled burgundy flowers -- PARTIAL SHADE

From Gines Orchids, in Hawaii
Epidendrum porphyreum -- lance-like foliage on slim stems, clusters of small purple flowers
Oerstedella centradenia -- delicate foliage, clusters of small pale lavender flowers


Nataline said…
Nice choices. Hope you have good water! Don't be afraid to give the Masdevallias lots of light; coccinea (and its crosses) can take a lot more than most folks think.

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