Winter Bounty


Every year, Robb and I make a batch of Christmas cookies for our nearest neighbors, which we bundle up with some home made jam or backyard honey.

We really enjoy putting together these packages.   And they're a great way to stay in our neighbor's good graces.  When we first started keeping bees, we were pretty secretive about the whole endeavor.  We "outed" ourselves by giving gifts of clearly-labeled backyard honey. 

Often, we get little gifts in return. Some are pretty random.  A store bought iceberg lettuce?  A clock radio?  A whole roast chicken?  What do two vegetarians do with gifts like that last one?

Ask the cats.

While I'll never be ungrateful for any kind gift, I'm particularly thrilled when we get fresh produce from our neighbors.  These mandarin oranges came from our next-door-neighbor's tree, and they're quite seriously the most delicious mandarins I've ever eaten.   What could be more wonderful than a gift from the garden?

In our own garden, we're not harvesting much.  The hens got through our unfinished fence and massacred our kale.  Only one hen is laying, so we aren't getting many eggs.  I'm not complaining, since it is January after all.

If you're interested in reading what other gardeners are bringing in, mosey on over to Daphne's blog, for the Monday harvest roundup.


George's World said…
Springerles!mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yours are so very pretty. Some day I'll lay out the cash for a nice rolling pin and shape thingy. I have great recipes, but they come out looking like plain rectangles. Legos, I think. Anise and fennel seed flavored Legos.......
CrescentJoy said…
Those are amazing cookies, such intricate little patterns. Beautiful, wish I was your neighbor.
Debbie said…
I love your cookie patterns. They are beautiful. Is it okay if I pin them? My daughter is alaska homeschoolmommy and she has chickens too. Her's are laying an egg a day, so I'm getting fresh eggs from her every week. Love it!
Michelle said…
Your neighbors are sooo lucky!

Think of all that kale goodness in the guise of an egg. I know that my girls lay extra good eggs when the kale crop is more than I can deal with.
Don't tell anyone, but we use almond flavoring instead of anise. To many licorice haters in the world. Me? I luuuuuurve licorice flavored of all kinds.
That kale is rent on a future egg, since 3/4 of the flock aren't laying at the moment.
Pin away! (Send me the link, I'd like that.)
Barbara Good said…
Gorgeous cookies, I'm sure the neighbours appreciated them. Love a gift from someones garden too.
Can I move next door to you? Those cookies look a-maze-ing! I'm with you, I enjoy sharing things like our honey, and eggs, with neighbors. It really helps to build community, something which too often is lacking these days. Although one neighbor loved our eggs so much, she got chickens of her own ;)

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