Almost Touching


I hate to tempt fate by mentioning this, but it seems that Robb has found a good balance for medicating our kitty Smog.  Around Christmas and New Year's, Smog was very sick, indeed.  We were horribly worried about him.

And now he's as spry as can be.  He's bounding around the house, much to the consternation of Linguine. Smog wants to chase and play with everyone, and Linguine is not amused.  He comes charging up to her, tail held high, and she gives him the Death Stare.  She's too dignified to bother with anything more than that.

We do occasionally see them Almost Touching.  And for some reason, we find this terribly entertaining. 

Smog is healthy, but I'm down with a nasty cold that has been knocking over everyone at work.  I've got a new intern, and I'm as woozy as can be.  It's Sunday, and I'll be dragging myself into work today, to paint a stage floor.  These things are very tightly scheduled, so there's no way of putting them off.  Luckily, I've done this job so many times that I can rely on muscle memory to get the job done.


Dianna said…
What a cute picture of Smog and Linguine, Lisa!!!! I always smile when I see a picture of Linguine.....all of her black fur, and then in the middle of it all, a pair of green eyes and the tip of her pink tongue. She really has personality!!!!! Glad to hear Smog is doing well!!!
Anonymous said…
Ouch! Good luck tomorrow painting the floor. Whew, what a task when one has a cold!

Hope you feel better soon. Glad Smog does already. That is, by the way, a very professional, lovely portrait of your two kitties.


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