A Post About Posts


Work continues on our garden fence.  I've been painting pickets, and Robb has been building and installing fence posts. 

I'm pretty certain that we could fend off an army of vampires with all of these spikes.  They're all custom-cut, because 1) nobody makes chicken-height fencing, and 2) we're maniacs, who can't do anything the easy way.


Marmalade said…
It may not be the 'easy' way, but it most definitely is the most beautiful way. I always admire the way you fully commit to every project.
Kurious Jo said…
What a beautiful fence you have there. Wow! Your girls will love it!
Kristen said…
Here's to the Hard Way! Happy new year, Chicken-heads!
Scrumptious color! You two do everything the right way.
K said…
I love the color! What a lovely contrast for the garden.

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