Fearsome Fluffiness


Hard to believe that this roundy little fellow is the same scrawny cat I picked off of the street, back in September.

It seems as if there are places that Smog cannot reach when he is grooming. This is probably due to the fact that his skeleton is distorted, thanks to a trauma in his earlier life. He has amazingly thick hair, and gets big mats on his haunches.

I tried to trim out this mats this weekend, and now it looks like the poor cats was attacked by a scissor-wielding five-year-old.


Mitzi/CookieCutter said…
He's beautiful! Shows what some TLC and kindness can do! You've done a great thing helping this little guy!
Anonymous said…
he looks beautiful!!!

it's hard to believe that it is the same cat you showed on the blog shortly after you picked him up:)

long hair cats need food that helps them maintain the fur in prime condition. Having had long hair cats, I am most aware of that not all cat food is the same, or equally good for every cat. I especially remember one brand that destroyed the fur completely on my norwegian forest cat. It became totally matted and had to be shaved off completely by a professional. If you try different brands you may find a food that will help Smog keep his fur in best condition. Maybe you can ask for help in a pet store to find the right food for him, or try to google it:)
Contessa said…
No photos of what that 5year old stylist deems "in" in cat couture?
Good thing he has a caring Mommy and Daddy to help him out.
What an absolute cutie! How lucky that you found him (or he found you). You never know the real sequence in those happenstance circumstances. Anyways, kudos to you for your kindness.
Knit Wit said…
I think he's beautiful and, judging by the body language, absolutely ecstatic in his home. I love seeing his pictures on your blog because he always makes me smile! :-)
jess s said…
Oh goodness, that cat is smiling.
Anonymous said…
I found you through atlas quest and enjoy your stories - I just found this other blogger in Oakland via some other internet connection, thought I should see if you're connected, she's an urban homesteader!


Anonymous said…
When I use eggs in a recipe I let the cats lick the egg bowl. Its good for their fur and good for them! Glad your cat looks so happy! Bastet is pleased with you!


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