Turn Out for Earth Hour


I strongly believe that the small actions we take in our lives can have a huge effect on the larger world.

Robb and I try to "live lightly on the earth." We have been making an effort to reduce our water consumption, by using a wash-basin for dishes, and then using the wash-water on our garden. We've made a conscious choice not to own a clothes dryer, which is considered a totally freaky choice in America, but is No Big Deal in much of the world. We compost and recycle. We turn off the lights, when we leave a room.

And I really believe that these little things can add up.

Tonight, we'll be participating in Earth Hour, from 8:30 until 9:30. We'll turn off the lights, shut down the computer, and not watch television. Maybe we'll bundle up, and sit in the garden. We'll take some time to slow down, and think about what it means to use less power.

We've done this for several years, now. It's a small, simple gesture, and one that I think is worth making.

Won't you take a moment today -- and in the future -- to turn off the appliances that you're not using, and to shut off unused lights? Turning off unnecessary lights saves energy, reduces the production of climate-changing greenhouse gases, and makes the night skies less confusing for migratory songbirds.

Won't you join us in the dark, tonight?


Anonymous said…
Good girl! Thanks for doing what you can for earth hour. Your not exactly my type to sit in the dark with, but that's ok.

I was just reading that this summer you might get a real drought problem in your neck of the woods. I highly suggest getting some rain barrels, crude or not, however unsightly for your yard, even if just for one year. The first year you put plants in is an important one, and I wonder if you will loose a lot of your new plantings due to drought. Good thing your older plants have developed deeper roots over time.
I set up a art exhibit today for our local school district I grew up in- tomorrow is the big day and we have performances and art to exhibit, and auction off! Support the Arts!
Gail said…
Thank you for the reminder~ gail
Ryan said…
Does it count if I promise to use almost no electricity or water all summer long during my PCT thru-hike? =)
Lisa said…
Isn't it always good to try to power down? And try to think about what we need to use less of.

And harder sometimes than we'd think. We never watch TV, but use our computers an awful lot. We live a mile from work, so don't rack up commuter miles, but don't often bike or walk. Hmm...

And we grow lots of our own vegetables, etc. but that hardly makes us sustainable.

Thanks for the reminder!
Anonymous said…
Believe it or not, in our neighborhood CC & R's, we are not allowed to have a clothesline. I say, bring on the clothesline police! I've had a 'thing' for clotheslines since I was a kid and remember sitting in my mother's clothes basket watching her pin up from sheets to underwear on the backyard line. It's actually my very first memory. I once wanted to produce a 'coffee table book' of colorful clothes on lines around the country, something that's difficult to find nowadays.

Sheila said…
We were in Las Vegas during "Earth Hour" and although they didn't turn out the lights in the casinos for obvious reasons, they did power down all the lights on the strip! We happened to be out there walking back to our hotel and it was crazy to see all the lights out!
Sheila -- that must have been cool!

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