One March 24th, American Idiot begins previews on at the St. James Theater Broadway. I was in charge of the scenic studio that created all of the surface treatments for this show when it premiered in Berkeley this past fall.

Working on this show was a delight, from a scenic artist's point of view. Christine Jones, the designer is about as wonderful an artist as anyone would want to work with. And, hey, the New York Times thought so, too. In their review, they called the scenery for the show "both spectacular and scummy." High praise indeed!

(If you never saw the photos of this as a work-in-progress, or if you want to see them again, click here. Really. Do click. They're cool photos.)

The show itself totally rocks. The cast sings the hell out of Green Day's music. (You may have seen them, singing with Green Day on the Grammy Awards, a while back.)

What's particularly exciting for me, is that the Broadway producers picked up the entire physical production that was mounted at Berkeley Rep. So, if you go see this show on Broadway (and I think you should), you'd be seeing the work of my shop . (Of course the set from our theater couldn't possibly into the St. James Theater without a bit of adjustment, so what you'll really see is our set, with some added goodies from the wonderful artists at Hudson Scenic.)

I'm pretty thrilled.


The Gillespie Tribe said…
That is so cool! Stick a feather in your hat! I wish I lived closer to Broadway =o)

Anonymous said…
Whhooo Hoooo ! Very impressive! Keep up the great work! We don't have plays here in our neck of the woods, but if it ever came to DC on tour we might have a chance to see it.

MommaWriter said…
That's awesome. I'm thrilled for you too! And thanks for mentioning the cast at the Grammys. I saw them and suspected it was the American Idiot cast, but I didn't know for sure, 'til now!

Kelly said…
How very cool! I'll have to put that on my list of things to do in NYC. By the way - "After" shots of the garden arbor are up - thanks for taking an interest! Kelly
Lisa said…
Congratulations! How excellent to have your hard work (and your team's work) praised by the NYT, no less.

All the best,
Anonymous said…
It was an awsome show! I wish I could see it again.
ajt said…
Aaron says it looks good. (He also said they should probably be teching in earplugs and sunglasses.) I am excited to go to opening and finally see it!
Yeah, Abigail, It's loud and bright. Just like so many of the people who worked on it!

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