Friday, May 01, 2009



It is raining and I could not be more pleased. Oh sure, I had hoped to go cycling with Robb this weekend (and maybe we still can), but I know how desperately California needs rainfall. We are, as the snazzy graphic above indicates, in our third year of drought. Rainfall and snow-pack are well below average, and as usual there's all sorts of controversy over water usage in California.

This could have national impact, because most of our country's fruits and veggies are grown in the vast Central Valley of California. Farmers are letting fields lie fallow, which means less food production and more unemployment for some of America's poorest workers.

The above map shows our current state of drought.

Hopefully, this animated map will work on your computer. It shows drought conditions for 2008. California looks awfully dry, doesn't it?

The future doesn't look too good, either.

I hope that my garden gets a good soaking, because I'm ready to stop watering. I planted drought-tolerant native plants, which I hope will survive on their own. I'm going to keep filling my little birdbath, because there aren't a lot of water sources for wildlife amidst the warehouses of West Oakland. Today, for the first time, I saw half a dozen finches happily guzzling water. Watching birds drink is adorable, and probably good for my soul. I love how they tip their heads back to swallow.

I really wish it were raining harder.


Anonymous said...

The Golden State, as you may know,
Requires lots of aitch two oh.
In recent years we've seen a lack
Of rainfall and our snowfall pack.
SoCal's clime, I understand
Yields little more than desert sand.
But dams, canals, and usage rules
Allow LA to fill its pools.
To meet demands of LA's thirst
We NorCal citizens must first
Keep our water usage down
And let our lawns turn dry and brown.
I think our rain and snow exceeds
All our basic water needs.
The headlines that proclaim a drought
Miss the point, I have no doubt.
Demands that we reduce our ration
Result from SoCal's population.
Divide the State, we all should yell
Los Angeles can burn in ......


gollygee said...

I think watching animals do anything is good for the soul. But it's especially good when you know you caused them some happiness! :)

Kristen said...

California doesn't look nearly as bad as my mom's house in SC. I find it funny that not only is it consistently in the deep red in that area, it's consistently deep red Directly Over My House. My poor mom. Ne'er there was a lass with a greener thumb, and ne'er a lady saddened more by drought.

Karen Anne said...

That map must update. It's showing fall 2011 now, and you can see the terrible drought situation in Texas and the surrounding states.

I wonder if the red state idiots who said hurricane Irene was a punishment for the liberal East Coast have any words about that situation.


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