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I've been busier than ever, due to the way our theater's schedule is arranged this season. Typically, we only have one show under construction at a time, but at the moment there are two huge projects going on at once.

It helps that I love the designs, and the designers, and the projects as a whole.

This hand cut stencil is just one of many that will be used to paint a table for the Arabian Nights, written and directed by Mary Zimmerman. I think we've created five of these for one single table.

And there are two more tables to paint, still.


Anonymous said…
That stencil is SICK.

That means great, for all my non-cool friends!

Who on this planet cut that out? It's incredible! It's a shame to end up getting paint on it.

Very nice photo of it actually, suitably atmospheric for the haunted hallow holiday coming up!

The entire shop worked on all the stencils. It really is SICK!

And, yeah, the shadow picture looks a bit like something out of a silent horror movie, doesn't it.
Gina said…
Very Caligari!

And I concur, the stencil is the bomb! Congratulations to all of you!

I'm curious how the show comes off - it is the version of Arabian Nights that I longed to do here -- the Zimmerman aesthetic is one I'm always attracted to with it's layering of tales in conversation with one another. But it's not quite appropriate for the kidlets to do.

Who's designing?
Dan Ostling is the designer. He did that lovely set for Mary Zimmerman's Argonautika last season.

I think this script would not be suitable for 8th graders.

I wonder if her Secret in the Wings has been published. That one is about the creepy undertones of fairy tales.
Anonymous said…

Whatever are you talking about? its perfectly normal for a wolf to be eating little girls in red cloaks, right?

Happens here in our neck of PA all the time.

By the way, the latest SNL skit has Joe Biden and Joe Murtha here in PA comparing our neck of the woods to a "Deliverance" movie.

Hm, they are not far off! Hunting season has started here and lots of local blood thirsty idjits are running around trying to shoot things with bow and arrow. Gun season starts in a few weeks. Sigh.... Time to dig out my flak jacket from the middle east.

Basically, I re-discovered if you don't want to find slightly drunken local hunters helping themselves to your coffeepot in your kitchen in the early morning hours around here, locals decorate their property with "no hunting" signs like they are christmas lights.

Hm, and yes indeed, perhaps these hunters (armed republicans) target our area cause we have an "elect obama" sign out front. Perhaps its because they know we buy the better type of coffee, cause we have not spend our cash on guns and bullets!

I did indeed forget about this aspect of moving back to PA. Time to get us a mean ol' dog.

km said…
That is just amazing. I want to buy it/copy it/steal it/eat it.

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