Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to all of you, we made our fundraising goal for the BORP Revolution! I think the thing that makes me happiest is the number of people who supported this cause. It makes me so squiffy to think that so many people found a way to give a little bit, and that cumulatively, it added up to so much.

I'm writing from the hotel. it is raining, and the parking lot is filled with cars with bike racks and handicapped license plates. Robb and I bought some seriously dorky-looking rain pants, because we expect to be riding for about three hours tomorrow. Unfortunately, we forgot to pack our dry bag, so I will probably not be carrying my camera.

We'll be thinking of you all and all of your kindness when we ride. Let's hope it doesn't rain the entire time.

Oh, and if you still want to make a donation, it's not too late.


Anonymous said…
Best of luck tomorrow. We are really glad you made the fund-raising goal. congratulations!

--greg & nicole
(from SF)
Gina said…
Congratulations! Have a great ride!
Anonymous said…
Wear your lucky hats!

It is rainy here at well in Pennsylvania, and is about 60 degrees. here's hoping it stays warmer where you are.

Ps- I found a mouse in my house, and would appreciate borrowing your cat, as mine is useless. Maybe your cat could tounge the mouse out of the house!

Anonymous said…
I'm excited for you - making your donation goal and the anticipation of riding in such a worthwhile event.
Have fun,
Syndee said…
Yay! Congratulations and best wishes for a great ride.

p.s. Robb--I saw Robbi Hall Kumalo and Louise Rizzuto Lee today. Check out my blog for picture.

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