Still Here


We're super-busy at work, but that means that I'll soon have interesting photos to share.

Until then, here's an endangered Brown Pelican, photographed when Annalisa was visiting.

(What is going on with Blogger's photo interface? A few days ago, it went insane, and changed the way it thinks about the size of photos. Have any Blogger users other than me noticed this? Are the pelican's legs cropped off in anyone else's view, or just on my computer?)


Anonymous said…
chopped off also here in patchogue

dad B
Anonymous said…
Yup, His legs are chopped off on mine too. I love these guys. There is a sanctuary for them in Florida that I like to visit when I am down that way.

Larva lady-ZZ
Marissa Dupont said…
No legs on the pelican for me either.
Anonymous said…
No legs here in Pennsylvania on a comcast server viewed on my mac.

Okay, I've fixed the size....but does the pelican look pixelated (jaggedy) now?
The pelican looks pretty good to me, he's got legs, a beak, feathers, a head - all the stuff that most birds seem to have ;-)) Doesn't look pixelated, but my new progressive bifocals are just not cooperating with *anything* today.
Anonymous said…
The pelican looks beautiful to me =o) He's got all his parts and no pixelation.


PS... Happy birthday a bit belated!
MommaWriter said…
Pelican looks great from here too. Happy belated birthday, Lisa!
(WyndRyders #2)
Anonymous said…
As of thursday I can see the legs! good job!


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