Looming Deadlines


We are in total crisis mode at work. We're building a gigantic show, and I don't see how we're going to get everything done in time. This is terrifying and very, very stressful. I'm creative and resourceful, but I can't add more hours to the day.

This particular show is designed by one of my all-time favorite designers, the one I went to New York to paint for a while back. This photo above is from the original production of that show, and it makes me smile so much. It was a beautiful show, and I had a fantastic team of people working on it.

Of course, it breaks my heart whenever I think of how much fun I used to have working with Robb. He's an amazing artist, terrifically hard-working, and he's a complete genius. I never had to worry about anything being done any way other than perfectly when he was on the job.



Anonymous said…
You know, you could just have Robb ride around the studio in his bike and give him and spray gun and tell him to run (or ride) amok.

I guess we could all then say he was "running in circles" since I could see him going around and around with a big fire extinguisher-sized can of paint, doing god-knows what to the walls, floor and people!

I want to see a picture of THAT on your blog!

Anonymous said…
We'll get it done. It will be great.
WE will get it done....

WE are a great team!
Anonymous said…
Maybe I can help you with your time issue. My time machine is in Sonoma, shall I come an pick you up?

Your Humble Servant,
anthony said…
Oh I hate those jobs. The ones where the designer is a good friend of yours or someone you really admire and look up to, and you know that there just isn't enough time, money, man power, etc. Though in my experience, when the camera goes up, or the curtains are open, and the finished product is great/wonderful/beautiful, people don't always remember the road that it took to get there. You guys will all get it done! You HAVE TO!

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