The Cycle, Unbroken


This was the first weekend in I-don't-know-how-long that we weren't training for a big ride. Robb and I both love riding, and we already have plans to explore some different trails, but it was nice to take a weekend off. We were lazy and hung around with friends. Sheri, Robb and I got as close to a deer (outside of a zoo) as any of ever had while poking around the Berkeley hills.

I really wish the landlords would turn on the durn heat! Sure, we've got warm sweaters, but I'm worried I'm going to crush my cat in my sleep, because she spent the night practically underneath me.


Minette said…
Oh my goodness, what a sweet little bird. Do you know what kind it is? Adorable.
I think it is a ruby-crowned kinglet.

Sure looks grumpy, doesn't it?
Anonymous said…
Here in Pa. we had a frost warning last week, which sent me out picking an inordinate amount of green tomatoes, which I put in the kitchen. Then we got no frost. Now it's back up to 80 degrees here and I have a lot of ripening and rotting tomatoes. I threw a lot in the compost and made tomato paste and sauce out of the rest. Wish you lived closer so I could send a truckload of tomatoes your way!

Enjoy the sweater weather. Your kitty is very beautiful and you certainly could pick a less obliguing cat to be sleeping with. Mine takes over the bed and becomes psycho claw monster if we try to move her off. Isnt your cat a long hair? Possibly she is trying to keep you guys warm, instead of vice versa!

You're porobably right about our cat's motivations. She's a very polite little cat, and is undoubtedly trying to be helpful.

It is very funny to see her sleep under the blankets with her head on the pillow.
LunaSea said…
Dear goodness, what a perfectly adorable bird... it looks almost cartoonish it's so cute.

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