Such a Hottie!

So, why has Rob been so notably silent since the ride?

Is he still doing victory laps around the apartment?

Alas, no. He's sick in bed with a fever.


Anonymous said…
Feel better soon Robb...remember the cure for fevers...good Thai takeout and a double scoop of Gelato!

Gina said…
baths and irish whiskey
Anonymous said…
Hot tea and House tv show.

(You're never as bad as the patients on that show and it's just good gripping entertainment).

who owns Seasons 1 & 2 and just got Season 3.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, everyone. As for the remedies, I might be worse off if I was to try them all at once. But I am feeling much better this morning after drinking about two and a half liters of water and even getting a little sleep

KuKu: I haven't seen House but Hugh Laurie is constantly in my mind as I'm reading Wodehouse's Jeeves books-- he played Bertie Wooster alongside Stephen Fry in the early nineties. For me, it's hard to imagine a Bertie before Hugh Laurie came along.
Anonymous said…
Robb thinks its a fever, but in reality, maybe he is just super happy from the ride and is knocked out with this unfamiliar feeling.

You guys have had such a hard row to hoe for the past year and 3/4, so who knows?

I always do this when I am feeling low-

Get a bag of Doritos, drink a lot of hot home made chicken broth with liberal helpings of hot peppers in it, and sleep. Above all, sleep. Watch some nature shows. Read a book, fall asleep reading book and leave a puddle of drool on the book. Eventually return book to library. I'm a real stinker!

I bet you both will be dreaming of riding your bikes, eh?

Anonymous said…
PS- I bet Lisa can kick thru doors now with her new found leg muscles?

Michaelanne said…
yeah for bikes! you guys are inspiring.

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