Not Feeling Well

Robb is sick. Really sick. Shivering so hard at night that he wakes all the household mammals. Unable to face food. Passing out on the way back from the bathroom. He's miserable.

Tomorrow is my birthday and our anniversary, and Robb and I had planed to get out of town, and enjoy a relaxing weekend in Point Reyes. We have un-refundable un-transferable reservations at a rather expensive bed and breakfast.


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I did not do this drawing (but I really love it). We don't eat cheap duck pie at our house. And besides American vultures don't look like this fellow.


Anonymous said…
It sounds to my untutured ears like Robb has an infection. Possibly his body is going thru "non-30 miles-a-day-biking" withdrawl. Forget about the birthday vacation, there will be more to come, just pamper yourselves and enjoy your home. That will have special meaning for you guys as so many Californians don't have a home to go back to this evening since the fires happened. Are you guys in any way affected by the fires? Or do you just have spectacular sunsets and smokey skies at night?

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! 20 again?

Robb's symptoms scared me a bit--especially if he has those shaking chills, but no fever; weakness; headache?; any confusion? IF he fits these symptoms, please get him to a hospital and have him checked for MRSA. It's an awful strain of a staff infection that has begun invading the NY area (it comes from sharing of athletic equipment, such as the mats at P.T.; also it's prevalent in hospitals and other health care places. It comes from the skin, and looks innocent enough-a red tiny pimple-looking thing, then turns into some ugly boil-like things--however, some people don't even notice this part of the infection because it can heal by itself). If you need more info-check Readers' Digest, May 2007. Please, please, please check it out--it can be deadly. Keep us updated on how Robb's feeling
Anonymous said…
Sorry, August, 2007 Readers' Digest
Anonymous said…
Lisa, your choice of words, as factual they may be, can be concerning (alarming) for those in Robb's life who love him and have not talked to him prior to your posts.
Anonymous said…
Looks a bit scary, but good work

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