Pumpkin Carving!

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On Saturday October 20th at 2pm, we’re going to be carving pumpkins (and consuming a few beers) in the Berkeley Rep scenic studios.

As we’re in the middle of building a huge show, you will get to experience the industrial charm of our scenic studios. Martha Stewart might be appalled at the lack of stark tidiness, but she would be drooling over our power tools. (Sorry to all you smarty-pants out there, we will not be carving pumpkins with power tools.)

Join us, won’t you?

2526 Wood Street in Oakland
Bring Your Own Pumpkin


Unknown said…
can you take pics of all the pumpkins when they are carved please?
Anonymous said…
I HATE to miss what's certain to be an event with a lot of cutting up! I'm teaching a quilt class that afternoon and John has a date to watch Cal win their football game at his parents'. I'll see if I can't get him to at least stop by. Old Blue's famous for his power-tool, pumpkin-carving skills!
Jen said…
why not carve pumpkins with power tools?

the pumpkins made by drilling into them in geometric and swirling patterns (with varried sives of drill bits) look really awesome!

and i'm tempted to try using a dremel instead of a gouge to carve those shadow style pumpkins....

as for saturday, i'm not sure if we can make it yet. we had several things on our plate... but i'd really like to see if we can rearrange the schedule!
Well, I think the carpenters would skin me alive, if I used their very valuable tools for pumpkin carving.

The funny thing is, I'm a pretty lousy pumpkin artiste.
Anonymous said…
Oh man! That would be SO much fun! Too bad that I live in CT, and have a concert at 2 p.m. on Saturday! Grrrrr.... why can't I live in San Francisco????????
Kristen said…
not fair! i wanna go! have a beer for me.

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