what we did on my birthday


We threw caution to the wind and went to Point Reyes. We figured that Robb could be under the weather at a beautiful beach or a lovely bed and breakfast just as well as he could be at home. Besides, the cost of the room was non-refundable.

As usual, we had the place almost to ourselves.

Well, almost.

I have never gotten so close to shorebirds. They were totally unfazed by me. Robb was amused to watch me running up the beach to get between the birds and the setting sun.

Michael Rosenthal from Bay Area Backroads gave me a heads-up on a great spot to see Acorn Woodpeckers, and I was not disappointed.

Michael also suggested Abbott's Lagoon as a spot that might be easy for Robb to traverse. We took the wheelchair, since it was a three mile hike to the beach. Robb was tired, and his chair kept getting bogged down in the trail's sandy surface. I left him by the side of the trail, to be eaten by coyotes.

Actually, he turned back and took a nap in the car, and I finished the hike, feeling mildly guilty.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you went - good for you two! Happy belated birthaverserry! The bill on those shorebirds is cool. I saw a bird very similar to that walking around in puddles in the alley behind Everyman Theater the other morning - I wish I had gotten a picture! The poor thing looked incredibly out of place.

I once found a dead woodcock on the sidewalk near Center Stage. What an oddity.
it looks like it was really nice there. :) i love the critter pics
Kim said…
beautiful shots Lisa, happy Bday. Robb, hope you're feelin better
Anonymous said…
Eaten by coyotes, eh? I hate when that happens. Tell Robb to take an especially large bottle of hot sauce with him next time, because I have heard that coyotes don't like hot and spicy food.

Smiley said…
Your photos are always fantastic. What kind of camera do you have?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos! I'm glad you guys went anyway. Happy birthday Lisa, and I hope Robb's feeling better soon!

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