Sunday, December 03, 2006

someone else's bones

Today we got together with our letterboxing friends Cara and Hunter, and roamed around Oakland. We all went to the rose garden, where they scooped up two letterboxes of mine. After that, we went to the Oakland Museum of Art to see the excellent "Laughing Bones Weeping Hearts" exhibit.

After marveling at the art created on the theme of the Day of the Dead, we stopped by the Fungus Fair, which was a crazy, crowded exposition of all things mushroomy (with a few slime molds thrown in for good measure). I was completely blown away by the woman showing examples of mushroom dyeing, and hope to take a class with her in January. Apparently, this technique was a "lost" fiber art, and has been re-developed in the last thirty years.

Looking at all those mushrooms made us all hungry, so we shared a pizza (with mushrooms on it, thank-you-very-much!) at the Leaning Tower of Pizza. We dropped Robb off at home and went on to seek out two more of my letterboxes. I had heard a report that a construction fence was blocking access to one of these letterboxes, so I dragged Hunter and Cara along, with the idea that we might hop the fence and retrieve the box. Alas, we did no fence scaling, because the doorway to which the letterbox was affixed had been torn away as part of a gigantic renovation.

The other letterbox was just fine.

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mimulus said...

wow, now after reading this post, I think I might want to take the workshop after all...i'll see what I can do...


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