Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"this sucks"

Well... we finally got word from the insurance adjuster about our poor smashed up car. They won't cover the damage. So now faced with the prospect of spending $6,000 we don't have to repair a car worth about half that, we will segue seamlessly into "Plan B." If anyone out there happens to know what Plan B is you will let us know, won't you?

All we do know is that:

1) It's October.
2) The left rear passenger door won't close, and
3) The rainy season is coming soon.

But what the heck? We've just become the proud owners of a slighty used vacuuming robot.

Having grown up watching reruns of the Jetson, I've always considered my lack of a robotic housekeeping staff to be a terrible cheat. Now, we're somewhere between Fast, Cheap and Out of Control and the Iron Giant.


shiloh said...

Is it just the door that's warped or is the car body also out of wack?

If it's just the door go to a salvage yard and get a *good used* door.

Anonymous said...

I've driven with a blue tarped car for awhile till things got better. I felt like a mobile "fema" survivor of hurricane Katrina.

I'm sorry all this crap happened to you, but its better that the car is permanantly smashed up from the accident, and not you guys. Now is your chance to paint weird crap on it and drive an authetic "art car". I turned our 25 year old toyota tercel into a "twigcell" (covered with branches) after it sort of rusted soild and refused to move anymore. Glueing plastic toys on it is also an option.

Getting a door at a salvage yard is a good idea, hopefully your engine wasn't smacked as well. As long as it runs and you guys are safe in it, you may be stuck with it for awhile.

By the way, arent there groups that can help "the handicapped" that you can get a car from? I seem to remember groups that exist that do this sort of assistance, but I don't remember their names. I do think that Artist's assistance groups should be able to jump in.

- Annalisa

Lisa and Robb said...

The whole frame is bent, and split apart. Side panels smashed. Back panel smashed. The inside of the station wagon storage bed is crumpled and ripped.

And I haven't had the heart to take the car into our mechanic. Why bother finding out what that dmaage is, until I knew who might pay for the repairs?

The fact that the car may soon fill with rain gives us some kind of deadline to deal with all of this.

Anonymous said...

Your right, that does suck!! What insurance company do you have? I'd definately be giving them some bad press!

Lisa and Robb said...

To clarify, this is my work's insurance. Everyone at the theater was under the impression that when we were driving our own cars for work, we were covered by work's insurance. As it turns out, this is not the case. Yikes.

This will change how we do business, that's for sure.

Lisa and Robb said...

But the robot vacuum sucks in a really amusing way!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow... That's bad.

I really don't know what else to say except...blue tarp and duct tape! (Blue tarp definitely--much more stylish than plastic bags.) Maybe camo duct tape for that little extra oomph!

You do need to take it to your mechanic though if for nothing else but to make absolutely sure that the rear axle isn't bent. You don't need shredded tires and blowouts.

It needs to be absolutely safe for you guys to drive as is. We want you around a lot longer!

Knit Wit

knitica said...

Man, I want a robot vacuum! You must post pictures of the cat reaction to such a thing in the house! Also, the Iron Giant is one of the best movies I've seen, but the way they advertised it, I never would have known.

It totally sucks that your car isn't covered when you use it for work. Guess they'll need to come up with a company car for you guys? Will your own insurance's comprehensive not cover it?

Anonymous said...

Thats when you bust out the welding torch and make it a red neck El Camino (Sp?)!!! Just a suggestion =x

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a way to solve the problem is for some local person, maybe a supporter of the theater, who is about to trade-in the old for a new car,and instead donates his or her old to the Rep Company, thereby getting a tax break and the Rep. Co. makes that car available to Lisa and Robb since its Ins. Co. will not cover the loss. DAD

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the car situation. Wish I had any good ideas. Just wanted to say that it is so wonderful to continue reading about the progress Robb is making. I know it must seem awfully slow but I think it is very inspiring. Be well.


Anonymous said...

How close is the theater to the water? I remember you guys taking a sailing class- maybe its time to dump the car in the water and either-

1 watch it float and turn it into a boat to sail to work in, or-

2 watch it sink and become a new breeding ground under water for the local fishes. If the car is filled with granola it becomes a healthy addition to the area, not a garbage dumping event, right? If you dump the car, get video of it.

Sorry, no other creative ideas come to mind. I'll play the lottery for you guys this week, it sounds like you need an infusion of cash to help you get thru this.



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