Friday, July 07, 2006


While Robb is really only able to walk for short distances, we have resisted using the wheelchair that he was provided. This is mostly because this chair is so darn bulky and heavy. It is difficult for me to haul around, and Rob doesn't find using it saves any energy (he's moving himself and a heavy, heavy chair).

Our insurance company has offered to buy Robb a wheelchair (we have the current chair on lease), and so we have begun the process of shopping for a chair that might allow us to regain our active, outdoor lifestyle.

We're going to set up meetings with local vendors and do some test drives.

There are quite a variety of all terrain wheelchairs on the market.

None of them are cheap.

And some would make us the center of attention wherever we went.

Like this beast, which is clearly way, way, way more than we would ever need. And it certainly doesn't seem a very gentle way to "walk" on the unpaved ground. Seems like it would tear up the earth, even if it can climb stairs.

There's actually a lot more to discuss, but I've got a cold, and no energy. More later....


shiloh said...

I don't think it would do any damage to speak of.It might break up the sod a bit but gardeners do this all the time. It called aeration(not sure about the spelling).

Plus I think it looks cool!!!

Anonymous said...

All I can think about is the Seinfeld episode where George pretends to have a disability and he ends up with a elderly people on the sidewalk....

So much more is available now! Go for the MAX!


Anonymous said...

My Grandmother had a flying wheelchair, though it requires a couple of strong young grandsons to work properly.

The Cottontails

Anonymous said...

Gezus- does the "tank" chair come with the option of a cannon attachment? I say get that one, it's totally intimidating. It should come with a taser.

I say get a chair that comes with a rocket attachment so Robb can blast off into the atmosphere like James Bond and snatch small chidren off the beach at the merest sign of a shark attack!

Perhaps Robb will agree to just stay continually laced up to roller skates, and hook him up to a hanglider from your 3rd floor apartment, this way he can zoom all over the place and land back inside the window when the wind is right.

Hey, these things are known to happen!

Think good thoughts-

Annalisa and Gary

greg said...

Hey it was great seeing you in person last week, we're back in Baltimore now and glad to be home.

Just to follow up on our conversation the other night this is one of the places Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway "scooter" made his money:

--greg & nicole


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