Thursday, March 02, 2006

Independence Day

Robb and I just finished our twenty-four hour independence trial. We managed everything very well. How anyone sleeps at a hospital is a complete mystery to me. It seems that I only managed to sleep in ten minute spurts.

We also had our home evaluation visit with Robb's physical therapist, his occupational therapist, and our case worker from workman's comp. All in all, it was a very good visit. I had moved a bit of furniture around, and Robb walked the infamous forty-four stairs without trouble. (In fact, the rise of the stairs was less than he expected, so it was a little easier than he had expected.)

It looks like we may have to buy a larger bed. At the very least, we'll have to get a higher bed. We're thinking we'll try things for the first night, and then figure out what we need.

Sorry, if this is all about sleep. I need to get some, and I'll write more about all of this when I'm better rested.

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DavidBDesign said...

Wow...I am a few days behind and this all still looks so positive. Still thinking about you daily and sending good wishes your way...but at least happy to hear that things continue to move ahead in a positive direction. Lisa, not at all surprised that you are being all self-depracating and worried about being a good caretaker, but I KNOW you will be amazing and help Robb get back to fighting condition so always attack everything you do with grace and your big fierce brain and make everything beautiful. I love you guys!!


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