Monday, June 08, 2009

murderous ghost pillows


I've been having my semi-annual crisis-of-blogging again.

Robb has been scarily ill, and that has had a terrible effect on my mood. I've been thinking about all the things I chose not to write about (fun with lawyers, ooky unresolved medical issues) and all the things I do write about (please, not another bird photo). Am I over-sharing, or being too oblique?

Who the hell knows?

But until I figure all that out, I'll let you ponder this wonderful bit of sign painting Robb and I drove past this afternoon. You know that I was giggling and hanging out the car-window to get this photograph.


Romana said...

you share only what you are comfortable sharing. I enjoy learning about ooky medical things, I cheer for Robb as he wins s small victories. I cry and pray for the both of you when times are tough. I have sympathy for Lisa as the primary caregiver. I am also a caregiver for a "disabled" person; and have my own, thankfully small, partial disability. I also love reading about the fun and work in making beautiful sets out of imagination and nothing. I love reading about gardening, wildlife encounters, letterboxing, and...I love your bird photos. I thought of you 18 months ago when I was in England, stalking seagulls with a camera. I had a lot of blurs, but a couple of really good pix.

Don't feel obligated to share anything, but do feel good about sharing what you feel like sharing. I don't comment often, but I do read every word.


Anonymous said...

There's a "its all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out" or "Runs with scissors" joke in here somewhere. Thanks for sharing that photo. Very funny.

gollygee said...

I can never get enough bird photos! Don't ever feel bad about what or how much you post! I find all of it very interesting! :)

Becky said...

I second those that came before. We read what you share, we're on your side, and we respect what you want and don't want to share! I hope things stop being oogy, legally and health-wise, soon!

I think those ghost-monsters may be Naugas. .. the marketing beasts for the once-popular upholstery material, Naugahyde? Perhaps!


Anonymous said...

Here's food for thought for you guys for those difficult days...

One day our Pa. barn will be a studio/gallery/local historical museum/funky spot for weird crap. As we are located along the "Historic Lincoln Highway" I looked up the Lincoln Highway Historical Association online and discovered they have in place a "Lincoln Highway Artisian Association" which lists local traditional artist's along its route, to promote links to history. As I make handmade paper and such, I want to apply.
Thus the barn can one day be linked to this prestigious group.

My LONG RANGE future plans for the barn also include (starting) the local chapter of the Pigeon Hills Bigfoot Society, as well as my own line of Feral Gardening products/practice. (Free package of regional weed seeds with every new membership! My official line is "Why fight it?", or "Give up already".) I'm not joking about any of this. So I suggest on those difficult days, to ponder just what sort of entreprenural creativity and spunkiness your readers would choose to pursue, if money, time and common sense proved to be no impediment. I always liked the idea of an official belly button-lint of famous people museum, myself. I think I actually saw something like this on TV, years ago. Scary to know there are other people like me out there, actually.

Along this line of thinking, if you get tired of bird photos, you can always start your own postings of "what the hell is this?" photos, for the perusal, debate-ment and wonderment of your loyal readers! The winner gets a hairball from your beloved cat!

Hope you guys are doing better soon, pet your cat for me.

By the way, if we had any local ghost pillow monsters haunting us around here, I'd tell them to get busy painting my house already.

- Annalisa

Anonymous said...


Becky is right about the Naugas.

They've become so rare, that we don't even recognize them.

That link is hilarious. I love the Naugas at Ellis Island.

Kellyann Brown said...

Dearie, dearie, dearie,

I so know. I am taking a break from blogging... a crisis of sorts, because I am tired of certain family members who read my blog and think that they know everything that goes on in my life, so they don't have to pick up a phone or interact in any way. So, I am on a mini-strike. Not that anyone has noticed so far.

BTW, I love your bird pictures, they perk me up considerably. After I see one, I always think, "Ok, maybe I _should_ get a camera with a bigger lens!"

I am sending you a virtual hug (from a virtually unknown lurker-type reader). Hang in there, dearie, you have many people sending good thoughts your way.

Cori said...

Lisa, I pass by this window all the time and it never gets old, I laugh every time. I'm always by myself, so I've never been able to get a photo. I love it!


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