Friday, April 11, 2008

Is the treatment worse than the cure?


I've got a cold, and I think I'm moving around the apartment even more slowly than Robb.

At least I don't have to be saddened, depressed, or fearful of my own medication.


Anonymous said...

The good news is: all cold medicines are ineffective. So save your money and your sanity.

Also, most of the new medications you see advertised on TV for depression, arthritis, sexual dysfunction, bowel irregularity, restless leg sydrome, psoriasis, and even dry eyes are extraordinarily expensive, marginally effective or ineffective, and incredibly dangerous. Caveat emptor.

Retired MD

Anonymous said...


Sad? Depressed? Fearful?

That's just what I call having my "special time" of the month. Or driving in traffic, or paying my taxes, or any of a thousand other items that come up throughtout life.

Eating a bag of chips and getting a foot rub go a long way to relieving these emotions, so take my advice, and $20, and walk to a public park and pay a homeless guy to rub your feet. You will get a massage, and be employing the homeless. Both good things. If you are unusually lucky, you may have a creepy guy offer to pay YOU to rub your feet! This may actually be an employment opportunity for Robb, come to think of it. If he spasms while its happening, he charges more. I know this all sounds crazy, but really, when the pills make you feel nuts, you just have to find your own inner demented personality and try to create some humor in the mess.

Be glad you don't have the stomach flu we had around here. A week and a hlaf of unusally active stomach/bowel gyrations is no joke either.

Moved rocks this week to build a low stone wall by the house. The easy part was rolling them down a hill. Now When I look at the pile of them I have to move across the highway, I feel like I had rocks in my head to want this project in the first place!


Anonymous said...

My husband and I always joke around when we see the ads on TV that list all of the possible side effects..."stop taking this product imediately if you experience symptoms such as dizzyness, nausea, or death."

Sometimes there are so many side effects listed that it's a wonder anyone would be willing to try the medicine at all!

Wild Rose


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