Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lazing Around


I have been working a crazy schedule this past week (paint until after midnight, be back at work the next morning at eight) and Robb was still feeling a bit under the weather (he did go to see a doctor), so it was very pleasant to spend the morning lazing around the apartment. When John and Diane (that's Old Blue and Double Saj to all you letterboxers) stopped by with a bag of beautiful home grown pomegranates, Robb was just showering. We needed this slow-paced day.

The day was too beautiful to spend inside, so we saddled up and went for a ride on the San Francisco Bay Trail. The fall migration is going on, and the birds were out in force.

We brought our new kite.

A kite is a wonderful thing. When you are flying a kite, you have permission to do thing more important than lay in the grass and gaze at the sky.


Martha said...

I love the photos of you guys. You both look really content.


Anonymous said...

I love kites. You have the right part of the USA to live in right now as well, as it is becoming too cold to go outside to do much of anything.

You guys look blissful while flying. Just how much medication is Robb on? It appears you both are "flying high"!

PS- I would have bet our food money that you would have been flying a black kite! Good to see some color!



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