Thursday, November 08, 2007

A home furnishing fairy tale


One of the phrases that has become a part of our vocabulary is "sitting tolerance." This refers to how long Robb can sit comfortably. Unfortunately, at the moment, his sitting tolerance is quite limited.

In the evenings, Robb tends to roam from the living room (sitting) to the bedroom (laying in bed) and back again.

Today we set out to test out some ergonomic reclining chairs. And we learned quite a few things.

A reclining chair has a GIGANTIC footprint. Because the chairs' bases do not move when reclined, the chairs need to sit away from a wall, and when they are opened up, they are SIX FEET DEEP, and three feet wide. Holy Cats! That's a huge chunk of living room real estate.

Most reclining chairs give Robb instant discomfort.

Most reclining chairs are hideously ugly. Imagine the Archie Bunker chair. Now re-upholster it in black leather. Dreadful.

Shopping for the perfect chair became a Goldilocks adventure. That chair was too ugly, the other one was too painful...

And the one chair that was "just right" for Robb?

Well, that chair was THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

We decided that, for now, our course of action was to do nothing and hope that Robb gets better. Neither of us can justify spending three grand on any chair, no matter how comfy.


Gina said...

Just for kicks, can you post a pic of what the $3,000.00 chair looks like? Inquiring minds want to know. . . .

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I couldn't find the exact chair we looked at, but you get the idea.

Strata said...

Hi folks,

Have you looked at reclining lawn chairs? No, I'm serious-- many are 'zero-g' type, have flexible mesh that helps with pressure points, and are sturdy enough to clamp a laptop shelf or writing desk onto.

Is one example. I sat in some really excellent ones at REI this past summer, that I reluctantly didn't buy. They can go from full-up to full-flat and most stops in-between, and the fancier ones come in high-end colors and patterend fabrics.

Love your bird pix, and thanks so much for being there and using your knowledge and time to help the birds.



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