Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One Thing After Another

I have been busy-busy-busy since I got to New York. The job schedule has been totally insane. (But the show is glorious, so it has a gratifying pay-off.)

Erica and Chris' wedding was perfect. It was such a lovely representation of their personalities and relationship. I spent fourteen hours behind the wheel, and got to hang out with my pal Cyndie.

I have been a total stranger to all my other friends.

There was a fire in the hotel last night, with loads of water damage. My room was untouched, and Paula and I chose not to be re-located to another hotel. We missed the hot water in our showers in the morning, though.

And now I'm going back to work.....

Photos and details to follow, presently.


Anonymous said...

Another fire? GEEZEY PEEZY! Trouble sticks to you like duct tape, girly. Glad to know you are ok and it was the hotel and not the paint studio that had weirdness visited upon it this time. Just throw paint upon any fire you spot in the future and you'll be fine.

PS- You can still drive back to California via the long way and help us paint the house (hint hint beg)!

ps- lots of birds here- Gary spotted a very rare bluebird. It's nice to know they are making a comeback after the DDT fiasco.

pps- we went and got Pa. drivers licenses- I hate mine because I finally look my age.

Annalisa and Gary

Anonymous said...

No wonder you have not been in touch! We are still here in CT if you get a free minute....and I have hot showers!


Martha said...

Forget CT! You had better give your sister in NYC a call/visit very soon. Grrr.


Music Woman said...

I'm SOOO excited that I'm going to finally meet you Lisa tomorrow night! I hope that my better half will let me make the trek to Redding to meet you!

Music Woman

Anonymous said...

Fire #2? I know you have an intense, combustible personality, but this is rediculous. Glad you weren't there and that your things are OK.


Anonymous said...

Bye the way, we havent heard from Robb lately- has he taken my advice and already fallen in an interesting way? Is he sitting around somewhere dreaming up ways to get written up in the paper. like "Local actor trips and falls over his own ego".

Or maybe- "Man falls onto cat, melds into human-feline hybrid,scientists amazed". I bet that's it. Tell me how it works out Robb, So I can meld myself with an ATM so I can give myself money.

Good luck- Annalisa


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